TLDR of Interview w/ Harriet Fraad on D@W

Link to interview

The dating norms of the past were based around factory work for white, male workers who could get enough money that they could support a wife and children at home. Labor was disciplined in the early 70’s to bring women into the workplace and the white male jobs were sent overseas. As this white picket fence dream proved to be not so stable, a hook up culture developed and sugar daddy culture developed. There’s no reason to stick with someone when they can’t guarantee you a stable home and a stable life. If I may have my own interpretation on this hook up culture, we seek for stability in each other when it’s not present in the economy. So marriage becomes a luxury good.

The system before the 1970’s was sexist and racist, no doubt about that. White picket fences were not meant for black people because black people I assume were denied prestigious factory jobs. Suburbia was a white person’s dream. It just seems to me now that instead of only white people having stability, only the bourgeois have stability.


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