Economy as libido (a shitty reading of D&G)

DAE feel like there’s an underlying libido trying to express itself when people talk about free markets? Like how there needs to be less governmental restrictions, women just need to spread their legs more, lower your barriers! Even on an international level, somehow export led development for poor countries seems to sound like (at least to me) “Shake what ‘cha got, girl!”, all in order for some big stud investor country to come over and fuck this little, inexperienced but very attractive countries’ brains out, oh yeah, invest! Invest! Invest! and then the money shot…RETURN ON INVESTMENT!!! Another satisfied customer! Bang bros! I mean, Lehman bros!

Like this is never what they say explicitly but like I just can’t help but think that people think of economics in terms of shitty porn cliches. Maybe I watch too much porn?


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