In response to an article claiming the new Star Wars movie was pro-capitalist and should be boycotted

Articles like this appear around the internet every time a new movie becomes big. Critical theorist bloggers preach to not be swayed by the new movie, don’t go to see it, don’t enjoy it, it is actually a piece of capitalist media aiming to subvert your anti-capitalist spirit with false messages. The Interview is about the impotency of communism, American Sniper overflows with imperialist sentiment, Django Unchained is a world where collective revolution is impossible, false consciousness abounds. The remedy for this, the bloggers remind the reader, is a different ending where revolution, properly executed according to a specific theoretical outlook, resolves the conflict of the film. I don’t know what these writers are expecting, it seems like none of these bloggers can enjoy a movie without it ending in revolution or class struggle done specifically as they would like it, because as soon as they hit publish other bloggers pile on in to take cracks at it and to accuse the author of false consciousness themselves, because apparently being anti-empire for the wrong reasons is as bad as being a stormtrooper. This is what happens with false consciousness arguments: everyone who’s not you must be brainwashed. And these types of articles ignore the actual sentiments the movie is trying to appeal to. Would you really see a version of Star Wars spent in the countryside teaching the countryfolk revolutionary theory? (Wait, wrong crowd, I mean, I know WE would but how about normal people? Who want to see explosions and something exciting?) And then the author writes back arguing the specifics of their point until I’ve lost interest and then the whole thing repeats itself in a couple of months, while the movie makes millions at the box office. I think we need better tactics.


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