The fuck’s wrong with fuck? (/r/fuckingphilosophy)

You ever notice how many of the curses are biological? Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits. They’re all in reference to our attitudes towards sex and the human body. So yeah, I think they’re fucking curse words because they are zones where people are not supposed to go to, the zone of the body, where animals live.

But even animals don’t even act like the way we think animals act like. We think animals as going hard in the paint fucking and killing all the fucking time, because that’s what we think we would do if we weren’t civilized, and when rioting happens you do see this type of violence come up, but animals aren’t even as violent as humans are. Shit, people are scared of lions? They’re big fucking cats. All they do is lie around in the shade. Come on people, you know what cats are like. Lions are just big cats. So I’m sure that if we were just like any other animal we’d shit in public and wave our dicks around too, from time to time, but it wouldn’t be all we’d do. From time to time who doesn’t want to have sex outside on a nice day?


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