Personal Opinion Making and Political Discussion

Nobody I know really wants to talk about what’s real and what’s impersonal: debt bubbles, how the economy has changed from the 70’s. I listen to people blab back and forth trumpeting their precious opinions like no one’s every been as clever and witty as they are…so naturally any conversation a person could have about politics results in each person trying to drown the other person out. When will they realize that politics has nothing to do with their egos, or what they think is fair or normal. And then they’re have the gall to call socialists idealistic…when it’s them who think that the world runs on the axis of their own opinions. The only thing capitalism does is transform things and they’ve decided to make a stand for some arbitrary distinction in a moving world. God bless their precious little opinions and the people made them feel like they’re the center of the universe. Honestly I imagine that’s how you effectively rule a democracy: encourage everyone to have opinions but keep changing the society as a whole so nothing serious enough or informed enough can really affect its operation.


Economy as libido (a shitty reading of D&G)

DAE feel like there’s an underlying libido trying to express itself when people talk about free markets? Like how there needs to be less governmental restrictions, women just need to spread their legs more, lower your barriers! Even on an international level, somehow export led development for poor countries seems to sound like (at least to me) “Shake what ‘cha got, girl!”, all in order for some big stud investor country to come over and fuck this little, inexperienced but very attractive countries’ brains out, oh yeah, invest! Invest! Invest! and then the money shot…RETURN ON INVESTMENT!!! Another satisfied customer! Bang bros! I mean, Lehman bros!

Like this is never what they say explicitly but like I just can’t help but think that people think of economics in terms of shitty porn cliches. Maybe I watch too much porn?