I am a former Anthropology student trying to make my way in the world which is losing its fertile topsoil every day. I graduated from Temple University with a major in Anthropology and a minor in Religious Studies and Environmental Science. Updates on this website will be erratic. Please drop me a comment and I will respond to you though.

I am attempting to come up with a new system of philosophy I’d like to call Existentialist Biology. I see Western Civilization as in denial about being part of ecosystems, but also in denial about their own animality. As postmodern skepticism engulfs American ¬†institutions like politics and marriage, and as capitalism liquidates both schools in Detroit and icebergs in the Arctic, I wonder, is it possible to posit a philosophy that sees our personal lives as emerging out of ecosystem while still refusing to believe we are destined for anything? Doing that would mean conceptually rethinking just about every everyday thing, things like eating, language, hierarchy, power, even the reasons why you want to clean your room. It would also mean listening patiently to the growing cracks in the cultural project of Western Civilization, and to patiently prescribe solutions where appropriate.